Note: It doesn’t have inbuilt battery. Turns on & records automatically with electricity.

Are you worried about the safety of the home, office or business when not around?


For a long time, I have been having some difficulty keeping an eye on my home, properties and business and this has cost me lots of worries – Especially when I am not home to monitor my kids and the Nanny.

My name is Seun, I’m 38. I live in a semi-detached apartment in one of the finest estates on Lagos island.

Living in Nigeria, you always want to make sure your loved ones and properties are secure & safe.

Trust me if I had the chance to spend the whole day with my family, I would… but I have to provide, my work really takes me out of the house and I’m someone who really wants to make sure his family is safe.

I didn’t want to install a full camera setup in my home just yet because it’s too costly and I wanted something more portable that won’t stress me to setup, a camera that can turn on by itself when NEPA brings light or gen.


Then I had this bright idea, I picked up my iPhone and called up a friend who is a very techy guy because I knew I needed an advanced gadget to solve my worries & fears.

And that’s when he showed me this camera.


This Smart Light bulb Wifi CCTV HD camera is the best thing ever. 

Since then, I have been using this camera to monitor my home and business from the comfort of my phone anywhere in the world as long as I have a mobile phone and internet and this has given me peace of mind that can only be experienced to understand.

These are the Super hi-tech features that make this Smart bulb Wifi CCTV Camera a priceless asset for your home/office security

WORKS WITH WIFI: This allows you to view it from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet and your smartphone or PC.

NOTE: You can connect as many cameras as you want to one device.

RECORDS CLEAR HD VIDEO & AUDIO: This camera can record both video & voice with high definition, you never miss any important footage.

AUTOMATIC TURN ON: Even if NEPA takes light, The moment light comes back the camera comes on automatically.

INFRA-RED NIGHT VISION: In the dark, you can get clear footage of your home/office which means you can keep an eye on your properties when it matters the most.

RECORDS AND STORES VIDEOS ON MEMORY CARD: Videos can be recorded and stored for up to one month, so you can watch it whenever you want.

2-WAY COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY: This allows you to talk from your phone to the camera via the HD Speakers and also listen to what is being said on the other end, just like an intercom telephone.

MOTION DETECTION SURVEILLANCE: You can be alerted when there is a human movement in your environment with the motion detection feature.

IN-BUILT ALARM SYSTEM: You can use the inbuilt alarm to warn of scare intruders with the push of a button from anywhere in the world.

WATERPROOF & DUST PROOF: This makes it a perfect outdoor camera because no matter the weather, you are sure your camera will function like normal.

EASY TO SETUP: Save wiring & installation costs & make use of your camera instantly (PLUG & PLAY SETUP – No wires or expensive installation needed)

WORKS ON MOBILE & DESKTOP: View your camera from Windows, Android or iOS devices, no matter where you are.


NOTE: You can connect as many cameras as you want to one mobile phone

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Just plug and play - NO INSTALLATION NEEDED.

After purchase, you’ll be sent a video showing you how to set up this camera in your home in less than 5 minutes – Super fast and easy.

Bonus - Get Free video & audio cloud storage space

Most businesses, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Shops/Restaurants, and even most homes had fallen victim of theft, smuggling and unnoticed activities…


…that led to the loss of millions of Naira, reputation and even lives and having a complete easy-to-monitor security system can put an end to this.

Don't let valuables be unprotected

Take action today and secure what matters to you.

Here is what you get inside the box

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